Always Room For Exercise Challenge

Week 4 of the At Home Fitness 6 Weeks of Summer challenge is not your usual exercise challenge. Week 4 is brought to you by one of our more innovative Personal Trainers, Chris Hall. Chris was one of the very first Personal Trainers in the UK to gain a level 4 certification. It might be his advanced knowledge set, or his ability to think outside the box that makes him such an exciting Personal Trainer to work with. Whatever the reason, Chris recognises the fact that exercise isn’t something to be done sporadically, it should be incorporated into a person’s lifestyle. To help promote this, week 4 is a 24/7 challenge. Accept this challenge and you commit to it for the whole week at all times!

The premise is simple, in your house you will have a number of rooms. For the duration of week 4, 4 rooms will be home to a specific exercise. Whenever you enter said room, you must compete 10 reps of that exercise. For those of you living in a flat or studio apartment don’t think that’s you off the hook. Your home will still essentially be made up of the same components (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room), so use your imagination and you can still join in.




BEDROOM = ACCORDION CRUNCHES (see week 3: ab attack challenge for details)

So every single time (no exceptions) that you enter the kitchen you must perform 10 lunges, and so on for every other room (or home area).

The challenge doesn’t stop here though. On Saturday and Sunday we extend the challenge to the stairs. Every time you go up and down the stairs you must perform 10 star jumps at both the top and bottom of the stair case. Please be careful to take a few steps away from the top of the staircase when doing your start jumps!

For you smug flat inhabitants out there hold your horses. Just because you might not have stairs in your flat, you will likely have stairs in the complex!

Bungalow dwellers beware too. Your challenge is walk/ run up every set of stairs that you come across over the weekend. Nobody is immune from undertaking the weekend staircase part of Chris’s challenge.

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Author: Darran Law