AHF Plank Challenge

Nearly there! 4 weeks completed and it’s down to the final 2. Week 5 is brought to us by the newest member of the team, our Personal Trainer Sheffield; Chris Rodgers.

Chris is a former military man, who knows exactly what it takes to get the best out of his clients. He leads by example and his challenge this week is the ever loved PLANK. Now Chris is used to performing this core exercise in mud and rain (with a backpack full of equipment too), but he’s going to be a bit kinder here. The planks you complete can be done in the comfort of your own home (or outside in the mud and rain if you wish).

The plank is widely regarded as one of the premier abdominal exercises used to increase endurance and strength in abdominals, back and throughout the whole core. As an isolation exercise it is low impact, so is recommended for all comers (except those with high blood pressure). The plank can be performed in numerous ways to increase or decrease the level of difficulty, from the standard plank (as performed by At Home Fitness Personal Trainer Leamington Spa; Nina Mortas in the above picture) to performing the move on fit balls and other stability challenging apparatus. Week 5 of the At Home Fitness 6 weeks of Summer focuses entirely on the tried and tested standard plank. No airs or flairs, just route 1, simple and effective, time orientated plank challenge.

To accept this challenge, every day you must perform the plank for a total of the time allotted. The time can be either completed in 1 go, or with a culmination of efforts. So for example, on Monday you can either hold the plank for 1 minute, or you can do it twice holding for 30 seconds each time.

Monday – 1 minute

Tuesday – 1 minute 30 seconds

Wednesday – 2 minutes

Thursday – 2 minutes 30 seconds

Friday – 3 minutes

Saturday and Sunday – 1 plank held as long as possible each day.

At Home Fitness Personal Trainer Wolverhampton, Adam Coley (who clearly has designs on someday getting in the Guinness book of world records) points out that the world record for the plank is currently 4 hours and 1 minute.

Best of luck, and as always, ‘like’ us on facebook and let us know how you are getting on. And remember this challenge is to be completed on top of your usual exercise programme!

Author: Darran Law