Super 6 Summer Circuit Challenge

Super 6 Summer Circuit Challenge

Yes we did it! Week 6, and final week of the At Home Fitness 6 Weeks of Summer challenge. Over the past 5 weeks you have successfully completed a variety of challenges all from the comfort of your own home, using only steely determination and your own body (plus a wall…).

Week 6’s challenge is brought to you from the devious mind of the At Home Fitness Personal Trainer Sutton Coldfield; Hyde Phillips. Known for his ability to get clients working harder than they ever thought possible, Hyde has come up with the almost sadistic idea of bringing all the previous week’s challenges together! Welcome to the Super 6 Summer Circuit Challenge.


-Static Wall Squat


-Spiderman Push Ups


-Accordion Crunches


The premise is simple; you have proven yourself capable of completing each of these exercises on their own, now it’s time to step up and confront them back to back.

The Super 6 Summer Circuit Challenge is to complete the list of 6 exercises back to back. Complete a full minute of each exercise. No break in between exercises. Give yourself a 2 minute break at the end of the completed circuit, then repeat. Then repeat again! This challenge takes less than 30 minutes and is to be undertaken every day. Remember there is time at the end of the 30 minutes for stretches.

Feel free to adjust the order as you see fit. It is obviously more difficult to do the same muscle group back to back. So if you are hesitant to go straight into Lunges after doing a minute long Static Wall Squat, try breaking it up with an abdominal exercise like Accordion Crunches.

Details of all exercises can be found in the previous weeks, so don’t worry if you missed a week, there is no excuse of not knowing what to do!

Try to keep track of how many reps you are able to complete each minute and aim to better that score the next day. Let us know how you get on by clicking ‘LIKE’ on facebook and sharing your scores with us. Best of luck!

Author: Darran Law