At Home Fitness Licence FAQ’s

Below is everything you may need to know about the At Home Fitness licence, yet if you do require more information please do not hesitate to contact us here.
How do I apply?

Contact Us to start an application, or send your CV to [email protected]

What does it all cost?

The standard monthly fee is £299.  However your initial fee will be discounted at the beginning to help you grow your business.  You will pay £199 for the first three months, then £249 for the following three months.  Only if you choose to continue after your initial six month contract will you start paying the standard fee of £299. 

How much can I earn?

Established At Home Fitness personal trainers can earn up to £35,000-45,000 depending on how many hours they choose to work.  The equivalent turnover brought home by personal trainers in London is £40,000-60,000.

Can you guarantee I will have a successful PT business?

No business can guarantee success.  You are running your business so you also have a big responsibility in your success.  However the more closely you follow our advice, the more success you will have.  By joining At Home Fitness you are buying the licence to benefit from an established brand, specialist expertise and proven results within the personal training industry.

How many hours will I work?

The number of appointments you have each week is up to you, providing you are available for at least 25 appointments.  Most trainers choose to do between 25 and 35 appointments per week.  Each appointment is one hour.  Most trainers work Monday to Friday at the hours customers want sessions.  Some also choose to work Saturday mornings.

Will you pay for my petrol?

No. You pay for costs associated with running your business that are not already covered by the monthly fee.

Do you have a vacancy in my area?

If we don’t already have a Personal Trainer in your area then we can consider you for a licence.  To find out where we already have trainers click here.

Can I set up a personal training business where I live?

Before offering a contract we will do an assessment of your area to see if it is viable.  To work, there needs to be a large town or a city in your territory and you need to be able to get around it easily.  If we don’t believe your area is suitable we will not interview you.

How big would my territory be?

The size of your territory depends on where you live.  The golden rule is that you need to be able to drive across it in 30 minutes or less.  If it is too big you spend all your time driving and not seeing customers.

Do I need to have a car?

Yes. The kit you will carry around with you cannot be transported any other way.  In special instances (if you live in central London), we will consider making an exception.

Would other Personal Trainers work in my territory?

Each territory is semi-exclusive, so we won’t put another At Home Fitness trainer of the same gender into your territory.  We may bring another trainer of the opposite gender into your territory, as male and female trainers often attract a different target client base. We will also make sure you are established before introducing a second trainer.  Big cities such as London and Birmingham are split into sub-territories, but the areas within them are semi-exclusive (one male and one female PT).

What is the selection process?

Our selection process is intended to help us find top quality personal trainers with passion and personality, and who share our vision.  Visit our careers page here to start your application and we’ll send you an info pack.  We will then ask you to send an up-to-date CV, after which we will arrange for each of our two directors to discuss the prospect of joining our team.  If we believe you are the right fit for our company and you still wish to proceed, we will offer you an At Home Fitness licence.

How quickly could I get set up?

The selection process from when you first get in touch to offering you a contract can take as little as 7-14 days.  We will then book you in for the next available induction day. 

It sounds too easy, what’s the catch?

You need to be prepared to work really hard.  We give you the skills, tools & support to run your business, but only you can put the work in to make it succeed.  You will have a responsibility to represent our brand to the best of your ability, and to share in the community of trainers in line with our vision.  You also need to keep yourself fit because being a full-time personal trainer is physically and mentally demanding.

Do I need any qualifications to become an At Home Fitness personal trainer?

All that is required is to have an industry-standard, level three Personal Trainer qualification.  However, we encourage on-going professional development.  We are also particularly interested in PTs who have shown a commitment to their professional and personal development prior to joining our team.  

How do you get customers?

Our strength in business-building has come through years of accumulated knowledge and experience of application.  Books written by industry experts, attended courses, and online learning and research have taught us a lot.  We have also had the opportunity to test these methods dozens of times.  This has helped us learn what works and what doesn’t.  We have teams of professional designers, web experts and contacts who are part of our marketing strategy.

Secondly, our business model is amplified by the power of online community.  We see each trainer as an invaluable part of our team, both in representing their area, but also their contribution to the brand. Each trainer who engages within our model of online community not only helps themselves but every other trainer in the country.  The collective group is significantly stronger than the sum of the individual parts.

Lastly, we teach trainers not just how to gain clients but retain them.  This is one of the most underestimated factors of business success, so we take it seriously.

Why should I become an At Home Fitness personal trainer? Isn’t it cheaper to set up my own business?

If you have solid experience in marketing to bring in customers and know how to run a business, it will probably be cheaper to set up by yourself.  However most Personal Trainers fail because they either don’t get enough customers or can’t retain them.

Have a look at how many other home trainers there are in your area and think about how you are going to out-market them.  We know how because we have more experience and a stronger marketing foundation.  That is why we will help you succeed quickly and without wasting lots of money.