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Why join us?

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Personal Trainer Franchise

At Home Fitness has been helping Personal Trainers start their own franchised business since 2009.  We offer two packages that help Personal Trainers run their own successful business providing fitness sessions to customers in their own homes.  You can opt for either the full Total Success package or the simple AHF Flex package.

Many Personal Trainers dream of getting out the gym to train customers in the great outdoors or their own homes. These intrepid trainers want the freedom of an independent business and the challenge of helping customers who would never set foot in a gym. They want the venue for each session to be different and they don’t want the burdens of sales targets, unpaid shifts or competing with other trainers.

Sadly, these dreams get shattered by a lack of knowledge. Most Personal Trainers don’t know how to get enough customers, how to set up a business or who to ask if they hit problems. In an overcrowded market they lose heart when work doesn’t come their way and they give up.

At Home Fitness has solved these problems. We have been training people at home since 2004 and have demonstrated we know how to get customers, make their sessions fun and keep them training with us. We have also written systems to run a Personal Trainer business that make it simple and quick. We have been sharing our success with a growing number of trainers for the last four years and we could share them with you.

Total Success Package

The Total Success package is our original home Personal Training franchise.  We provide all the equipment you need, teach you to run a business, find customers and support you in your new fitness career.  All you need is to be a fully qualified Personal Trainer with a car and computer.  We give you the equipment teach you how to use it then provide you with customers and chat to you every week to guide you to success.  You get free CPD courses, insurance & REPS membership.  We give you goody bags for your customers and plenty of branded stationery and flyers.

AHF Flex Package

The AHF Flex package is a pared-down support service focusing on initial training and customer marketing.  We provide a one-day training course at the start and some basic business kit.  The ongoing package then provides advertising, leads and call-answering on a flexible basis.  At any point you can choose to add extra services or take them away and you have access to our discounted CPD courses and equipment.

If you are not already qualified as a Personal Trainer we can help you get qualified at reduced rates. To find out more about the At Home Fitness franchise packages call us on 0121 439 5616.

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