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The At Home Fitness Personal Trainer Birmingham is Darran Law.  Darran offers Personal Training and a variety of other fitness services in Birmingham from Edgbaston & Harborne across to Kings Norton.

Darran is an experienced Personal Trainer, having been with At Home Fitness for over four years. He has gained a reputation for being able to apply relevant and effective training techniques for a wide variety of clients.

“Every client is different. It’s not just about knowing how to help someone lose weight or tone up. The best thing about working for At Home Fitness is that I have so many different clients. I have pregnant clients, overweight clients, young up and coming sportspeople, even clients just looking to maintain fitness levels and continue a healthy lifestyle. Every session is different, which is both challenging and enjoyable for me and my clients!”

As a mobile Personal Trainer Birmingham, Darran offers specialist skills in kettlebells, circuit training, boxing, marathon training, pre and post natal training, young people and older adults fitness, and exercise referral for clients with a pre-existing medical condition.  He also uses his expertise and knowledge writing for B13 magazine with a monthly column.

Darran was a successful junior sportsman playing with the Birmingham City Youth team, captaining Evesham golf club and was a county champion in athletics and cross country.  Although always very sporty, Darran didn’t start out his working life as a Personal Trainer and actually took a degree in Criminology! However, his true passion is fitness. After leaving recruitment he moved to Birmingham, and qualified as a Personal Trainer Birmingham at the well-respected Training Room centre.

Like all At Home Fitness Personal Trainers, Darran is fully-qualified, insured and CRB (criminal record) checked. As well as Fitness Training, your fitness plan will include diet and lifestyle advice as well as training you can do by yourself between each Personal Trainer session.  To book personal training or find out more call 0800 977 4154 or 0121 472 5887.


Success Stories

“One of my proudest success stories came from possibly my biggest challenges as At Home Fitness Personal Trainer Birmingham; training a 6 year old lad with cerebral palsy.

This young lad, is one of the friendliest kids I’ve ever met, always a smile on his face and always wanting to sing, dance and play. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of his condition (partly because it’s a bit technical for me), but essentially his central motor dysfunctions prevent him from controlling his muscles fully. As a result his movement is limited to crawling and using braces and/or walking rollers.

My challenge here, as a Personal Trainer, was to help improve core and leg strength to aid improved movement. For an adult client with such a condition, this would be difficult, so to conduct training sessions that are fun and productive for a child stretched my experience and creativity to the limit.

At times the sessions flew by, others I doubted how much progress we were making. This was until his mother sent me a picture over text after about 5 weeks of training. He was standing up unassisted, something he had never been able to do before, and something we were told he may never accomplish. Seeing this made me realise that no matter what your goals are, and no matter how hard you, or anyone else thinks they will be to achieve, reach for the sky!”


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To book personal training or find out more call 0800 977 4154 or 0121 472 5887.


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Personal trainer in Birmingham, Harborne, Edgbaston, Kings Heath, Bournville

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