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Personal trainer in Nottingham

Personal Trainer Nottingham

The At Home Fitness Personal Trainer in Nottingham is Dave Hall. Dave lives in Long Eaton and offers Personal Training in Nottingham, suburbs like Beeston and West Bridgford and the villages surrounding Nottingham.

Dave has great empathy with people wanting to lose weight.  He has struggled with his weight and lost five stone after becoming overweight at University.  He decided to help other people who have had the same struggles as him and becoming a Personal Trainer was the ideal way to do this.  His diet and weight loss advice is based on real-life experience and he wrote about this for local newspaper the Nottingham Topper (click to read). So you can be assured Dave won’t ask anything of you that he hasn’t demanded of himself.

Dave has many additional skills besides basic Personal Training.  He is qualified to work with pregnant and post-natal mums to ensure they have a safe and beneficial programme.  He has also helped people prepare for races from 5km Race for Life through to half-marathon.

Prior to joining At Home Fitness in Nottingham as a Personal Trainer  Dave worked for several years as a professional football coach, including working overseas for Bolton Wanderers and as a community coach with both Nottingham Forest and Derby County.  He decided to combine his love of coaching with a desire to improve people’s fitness and make Personal Training his main focus by joining At Home Fitness. Dave uses all his experience and passion for group training by running his own bootcamp every Saturday morning. This is open to all, not just Personal Training clients. Have fun and lose weight too.

As a mobile Personal Trainer in Nottingham, Dave comes to you, offering a fast, fun and effective home fitness training session.  In addition to Personal Training, Dave offers mates rates fitness training for small groups or pairs as well as corporate fitness testing and exercise classes.  To find out more call 0800 977 4154 or 07712 422285.

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Personal Training Story

This is the story of how I helped one of my Nottingham Personal Training clients to lose 15% of their body fat and go from walker to running ten miles per week.  A person approached me because he wanted a Personal Trainer to help him start running. He believed that because of his weight his body wouldn’t be able to cope with the demands of running but he thought running would help him to lose weight & take his fitness & endurance to the next level.

With all of my Personal Training clients who are interested in running the key is to learn how to run properly.  Good technique will ensure there is minimal stress on the joints and allow an efficient style to evolve.  The first few weeks of training involved learning technique whilst gradually increasing the workload in our cardio workouts to increase his fitness and stamina. He had relatively good strength due to years of competing in combat sports.  He also enjoyed walking with his partner & the dog in the countryside around Nottingham.

After four or five weeks we felt that his fitness was at a decent level and after almost perfecting his running style we started to up his training. From starting with a steady jog we would increase the distance in each Personal Training session.  The more he could run the faster he lost weight and the better his fitness & stamina increased.

A few months on, my client & I manage to run  at least five miles twice a week in our fitness sessions.  We are now looking into the possibility of going further or entering a race. He has had great results in the rest of the training, losing around four stone in weight losing over 15% in body fat.

To book personal training or find out more call 0800 977 4154 or 07712 422285.



Like all At Home Fitness Personal Trainers, Dave is fully-qualified, insured and CRB (criminal record) checked. As well as Fitness Training, your fitness plan will include diet and lifestyle advice as well as training you can do by yourself between each Personal Trainer session




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To book personal training or find out more call 0800 977 4154 or 07712 422285.


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Personal trainer in Nottingham

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