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Personal trainer in south London, Bromley, Caterham, Chislehurst, Sevenoaks,

Personal Trainer South London

The At Home Fitness Personal Trainer South London is Chris Hall.  Chris works as a Personal Trainer in Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst, Sevenoaks, Caterham and surrounding areas of south east London.

Chris has been a Personal Trainer for over six years and helped hundreds of customers get fit and lose weight.  Having earned a degree in Human Biology with Exercise, Chris has the theoretical knowledge combined with his experience to deliver the very best quality of personal training.  Chris will always begin with a fully comprehensive consultation so that he can tailor your programme exactly to your needs – whether you want to get fit and tone up, or complete your first fun run.

Our south east London personal trainer makes use of a variety of training methods including boxercise, kettlebells and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to help you burn fat and get fit.  And whilst most personal trainers in London hold a level 3 qualification, Chris also has an advanced level 4 qualification in specialist back care and rehab.  Even if you don’t have back issues, Chris uses his specialist knowledge to build up your core strength and reduce the risk of injuries later on in life.

Chris likes to practise what he preaches as a personal trainer.  As well as general fitness training, he plays hockey for Blackheath in the south London league and enjoys a game of squash.  He combines his sports experience with qualifications such as kettlebell training, boxing fitness, nutrition and resistance training to provide a comprehensive Personal Training programme for each customer.

To book personal training or find out more call 0800 977 4154 or 07943 192021.



  Off-Peak (9am-4pm) Peak (other times) Premium (weekends)
Six Week Promise £359 £399 £439
Individual Sessions £35 £40 £45



  Off-Peak (9am-4pm) Peak (other times) Premium (weekends)
Joint Six Week Promise £399 £439 £480
Individual Sessions £20 per person £22 pp £25 pp


Personal Trainer South London: Client Testimonies

“When I started with Chris I was very unfit. I did not exercise much and my diet was terrible. I chose Chris as he had promised I’d lose weight under the 6 week promise.

Initially, I had trouble with some of the exercises but Chris was very patient. His motivation and sense of humour kept me going when I had nothing more to give.

Based on my hard work and change of diet, I must admit that I surprised myself in how much fitter and slimmer I have become.

I would recommend Chris to help to you to lose and weight become fitter with no hesitation.”

– Dan, south London.


“I started training with Chris at the beginning of February 2013. Seriously unfit, with over 100lb to lose, joint problems and asthma, I was very nervous.

From the start he has been reassuring and supportive and, four months on, I’ve already lost over 2 stone and have gone from being unable to run for 30 seconds to jogging 5km. Chris patiently and carefully adapts activities to my needs, while consistently pushing me to go further than I believe possible. With a mixture of cardiovascular work and resistance training, including boxing, body-weight exercises and sprints, he keeps the workouts varied and lively and encourages me to get fit and lose the weight in a healthy way.

My blood pressure and resting heart rate have lowered, I’ve gone down several dress sizes and, most importantly, can breathe and move comfortably again. Now I look forward to exercising and the sessions are consistently challenging and fun. Chris is good-natured, competent and knowledgeable and has inspired me with confidence that continued and permanent change is possible. I would highly recommend him.”

– Aviva, south London.

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To book personal training or find out more call 0800 977 4154 or 07950 414434.


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Personal trainer in south London, Bromley, Caterham, Chislehurst, Sevenoaks,

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