Back Care & Rehab

We offer two levels of back exercise and rehabilitation.  All of our Personal Trainers are able to work with people who have non-chronic back conditions to improve strength, flexibility and reduce symptoms of back pain and tightness.

We have had great success in the past helping customers with long-standing back problems to diminish and even eradicate symptoms.

In south London, we offer a full rehabilitation programme with a Personal Trainer who has undergone advanced training in the management and treatment of serious back complaints.  Chris is qualified to work with GP referrals and in partnership with physiotherapists to help develop a back acre and exercise programme for the management of chronic back problems.  Chris also holds a sports therapy qualification which enables him to use sports massage alongside exercise for the treatment of back symptoms.

We recognise back problems are complex and painful.  We will not undertake any sort of programme until we have liaised with your GP and if we feel we are under-qualified or not suited to your situation, we will not work with you.  Just like the Hippocratic Oath, our first priority is ‘to do no harm’.

Available in:

  • High-level back care and pain management available in London.
  • General Back exercise and core strengthening is available in all locations.

If you want to see what we can do for you, just call us on 0800 977 4154 or contact us here.