Pregnancy Exercise

Exercising during pregnancy can bring many benefits.  Similarly, many women want to get back into shape after giving birth, but in both instances it is important to do so in a way that is safe for the baby.

Many of our Personal Trainers have qualifications in helping pre and post-natal women exercise safely and effectively, keeping the health of your baby uppermost.  To find out more select your nearest trainer below or call 0800 977 4154 or 0121 439 5616

Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise

Exercise during pregnancy can help you adapt to the increased physical demands on your body and also make childbirth easier.  It can also help you get back into shape faster after giving birth and reduce the chances of common problems like backache associated with pregnancy.  As a pregnancy develops the demands on your body grow and the new hormones in your body increase.  When exercising it is important that you work with a trainer that knows how these changes impact exercise and how your body works in each trimester. All of our pregnancy trainers know how to adapt training safely and also what danger signs t look out for to protect you and your baby.

After giving birth, post-natal exercise should focus on re-establishing core stability, protecting the pelvic floor and developing aerobic fitness.  Although celebrities may appear as svelte as before just days after giving birth, most women in the real world need a sensible training programme that fits around the demands of a newborn baby!  Our Personal Trainers will ensure the intensity of training is correct for you and fits in with your job as a new mother.  They are also qualified to help with the different methods of training required for Caesarean and natural births and will help you gradually lose the pregnancy pounds safely.

Pre & post Natal qualified Personal Trainers are available in:

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