Sports Massage Therapy

At Home Fitness offers specialist sports massage and sports therapy in south London with Chris Hall.  Our sports therapist can assess injuries or problem areas and provide the appropriate mix of therapeutic techniques to aid recovery.

As a qualified Personal Trainer and sports massage therapist, Chris can provide relief of tight muscles and aid recovery with manipulation and massage techniques.  He can also provide stretches and exercises to avoid re-injury and accelerate recovery.  Once your initial issue has been solved he can provide a full training programme and personal training sessions to increase strength and improve performance.

To get a better idea of how Sports Massage Therapy works, read this great blog by Chris on our blog page.  It details how sports massage actually works and what kind of conditions it can treat: sports massage blog.

Prices start at £35 per session.  the number of sessions required will depend on the nature of the injury and your response to treatment.  Rest assured Chris will always try to get you fit again in the shortest and safest amount of time possible.

Call 0800 977 4154 to book an injury assessment.