Terms & Conditions


At Home Fitness Client Portal – terms and conditions


The At Home Fitness (AHF) Client Portal is a free, online application exclusive to AHF clients and your personal trainer (PT).  Its primary purpose is to enhance the service you receive from your PT and your experience with AHF, in order to aid you along your health and fitness journey.

 By using the AHF Client Portal, you agree to the terms and conditions as laid out below, and agree to use the application within the scope of practice for which it was intended.


Data protection (please see our Privacy Policy for our full privacy statement)

A summary of this is as follows:

  • Data collected via the AHF Client Portal will only ever be visible to three parties:  you (the client), your PT, and At Home Fitness Ltd.
  • At Home Fitness Ltd don’t routinely access client data; however, client data may be accessed occasionally for training purposes
  • Any data accessed by At Home Fitness Ltd will only ever be used to improve the service offered to you as a client
  • At Home Fitness Ltd will never share this data with any other parties other than those listed above.


Terms of usage

The AHF Client Portal is an application to enhance your service as a client.  Please read and check you understand the following terms of usage:

  • The AHF Client Portal is limited for use exclusively within a relationship between you (the client) and your AHF PT
  • The AHF Client Portal is designed solely as an application to supplement and enhancethe home personal training service you receive from your PT
  • The AHF Client Portal is not an online personal training service, nor can it be used as a replacement service for your AHF personal training.


As a client, you have a right over your data and the correct use of the AHF Client Portal service. If you are ever unhappy with the way it is being used, please contact head office on 0800 977 4154 and we will seek to resolve as quickly and as sensitively as we can.