Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage and Therapy-a guide to how it works

Sports Massage is a special form of massage that can be used before, during or after sporting events. Typically though it is used to treat troublesome areas such as sore, stiff muscles, minor aches and pains and lower back pain.

Sports Massage uses techniques that go deeper into the muscles than techniques used by Swedish Massage and similar relaxation massages.  Deep Tissue Massage is used to loosen muscles that aren’t ‘sliding over’ each other as they should and to find ‘knots’ of muscle and break them up. Most knots are caused  from being in poor posture for long periods so the muscles ‘knot up’.  As well as breaking up knots, massage also brings blood and oxygen to the muscle, relieving the pain.  Back and neck pain can be noticeably  improved through a targeted Sports Massage.

Injuries from sporting events, exercise or from daily activities can also be treated.  Similarly scar tissue from old injuries can be broken down and massage helps with the prevention of scar tissue building up with new injuries.

A good Sports Massage Therapist has the skill to assess the causes of your muscle discomfort or injury. Postural analysis and range of movement tests can be performed to highlight any tightness, laxity or postural deviations around your soreness or injury.  Your therapist can then prescribe rehabilitative exercises and stretches to prevent further problems.  These exercises help to strengthen and lengthen muscles depending on what the assessment has highlighted and will reduce problems over time.


Chris Hall is a qualified sports massage therapist and personal trainer in south London.  To book with Chris click to contact us.


Author: Chris Hall

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