Personal Training Careers

Personal Training Careers

Are you a male or female qualified PT not sure what to do next?  At Home Fitness gives you everything you need to set up and run your own licensed At Home Fitness personal training business.  If you want to be your own boss, with the power of an established brand behind you, contact us here!

Our model works like a partnership, designed to equip, support and amplify the growth of your business.  This means we won’t tell you what to do; we just support you in what you already love.  Our “Flex” package is a license to join our brand, gain from our experience, and build a sustainable business from scratch.

You’ll also join our growing community of AHF PTs, who you can meet, share ideas with and learn from – all in a non-competitive environment.

Learn how you could build a full-time business, and earn between £30-55k a year, by contacting us here. We’re looking for male and female PTs to join our team, to start a local business in your town or city.  Get in touch to find out more.

Follow the links below for more info, including what you get, why you should join At Home Fitness, and our Frequently Asked Questions section.  Alternatively, check out our PT testimonials underneath to see what it’s like working with At Home Fitness from the horse’s mouth.



At Home Fitness have been brilliant – I’ve never feel like I’ve worked for someone, I’ve always felt like I’ve worked with someone.  There is always with the support of someone looking over your shoulder who’s able to help you if you need it and if you have questions.

6 months down the line with At Home Fitness, and I’ve moved solely into home training. It’s been a great transition of my career – the best move I’ve made.

If you’re a prospective PT – try it.  Don’t delay, it’s more freedom, more freedom financially, getting out and about, and moving around more.

– Ben, At Home Fitness personal trainer – Stratford, East London


I like the fact that At Home Fitness are one brand. Unlike online directories, AHF have a different kind of feel – they’re more personal, and there is more of a re-assurance for clients that they’re actually dealing with a company.

Unlike in a gym, there’s no competition from other PTs.  Because of their ranking on Google, there’s a very good chance you’ll be one of the first people who comes up.  At Home Fitness also helps set you up with the right tools – this lets you know that they’re serious as a company about getting results for clients.

At Home Fitness are a really good company!  They’re a good support, and they help you to build a sustainable business in your local area.  Have a conversation with them – for a lot of PTs, At Home Fitness will certainly have a lot more to offer than you might realise.

– Ryan, At Home Fitness personal trainer – Romford, Essex


I was surprised how easy my clients found finding a personal trainer through AHF website – they have very good positioning, the website is very professional and people that come to me through them trust that I’m going to be a good professional.

The training provider I was using to get my qualifications recommended AHF, and once I got to know them better I decided it’s definitely who I want to work with.

Training at home is a very comfortable option.  As a client, you can work out with your PT in your own space, and all the equipment is brought to you. And then after your session you can go and take a shower in your own bathroom, go to the kitchen and have a snack from your own fridge!

The community that has been created through At Home Fitness will give you much more of a support and gentle feeling of being in a strong team – so if you’re thinking of joining AHF you should definitely give it a go.

– Nina, At Home Fitness personal trainer – Leamington Spa


I partnered with At Home Fitness because I like the thought of being my own boss, and the idea that they could help me establish a client base to train clients within the own comfort of their own home.

I am so thankful for their guidance and help they’ve given me, and I’m looking forward to the next 4 or 5 years with them. It’s been a great year, I can’t thank them enough.

For any PTs interested in joining the AHF team – I would say go for it, it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made – I’m loving the lifestyle that I’ve gained, so have that courage to call up and enjoy!

– Mini, At Home Fitness personal trainer – Stourbridge 


If you want to see what we can do for you, just call us on 0800 977 4154 or contact us here.