Why join us?

Why join us?

At Home Fitness Personal Trainers

At Home Fitness has been helping Personal Trainers start their own business since 2009.  Our new package takes everything we’ve learnt and uses it to teach, equip and support personal trainers grow a business doing what they love.

As the industry has changed, we have recognised a craving in aspiring personal trainers who want to achieve two things:

  1. To lead people in achieving fitter, happier and healthier lives;
  2. To build a successful and lucrative personal training business doing it.

From experience, matching these two things together is one of the most fulfilling vocations we can strive for.  We get to transform the lives of real people, and we earn a great living doing it.  The hunger is there.  The problem is the question “how do I turn my passion and skills into a sustainable business?”

Why At Home Fitness?

At Home Fitness takes the need and matches it with a solution by a means that no other home personal training company offers.

Where At Home Fitness is different lies in the heart of our vision.

We believe very strongly that leading a client to achieve long-term success can only be done through a working relationship.  We help clients make transformational differences through both knowledge (showing the client what a healthy lifestyle looks like) and leadership (helping them best put it into practice).  We don’t do it for them; neither do they do it by themselves – it’s a partnership.

At Home Fitness takes this model for success and applies it to help personal trainers build their own successful business.  Our model is threefold:

  1. WISDOM: We give you the framework for a successful business, based on 12 years’ worth of knowledge, skills and experience
  2. GROWTH: We amplify the work you put in by the power of an established brand, popular website and centralised marketing, leading to more business than you could generate by yourself
  3. COMMUNITY: We offer on-going mentoring support and introduce you into a community of personal trainers who are just like you, and want to change the industry together

Why training at home?

Simply put, the demand for personal training at home is significantly on the rise.  In our experience, these are the biggest reasons:

  • Private:  there is a very significant demographic of people who find the gym environment busy, intimidating, distracting or uncomfortable.  Due to the intimate nature of home training, home PT also allows for greater transparency and honesty, helping us lead clients to longer term success.
  • Time-effective: sessions start and finish at home so there’s no need to travel anywhere, suiting those who are time-poor (most people!)
  • Cost-effective: no gym membership is required, and clients save money on travel costs and gym sundries (drinks, snacks, towels etc.)
  • Convenient: clients can fit training into home routine – helpful for those with parental commitments or other responsibilities/limitations that make it difficult for them to leave the house
  • Family influence: new attitudes and behaviours can have a positive influence throughout a household, encouraging change in family members. PTs can also meet and develop rapport with family members to reduce perceived threat, and to harbour extra support around goals. Many partners and even kids start working with the PT after seeing the difference experienced by the client.
  • Integrity: home is where the heart is – home PT allows good habits to be taught and integrated into home life.  This strengthens the association, and reduces risk of compartmentalization often experienced by gym-goers.
  • Outdoors: training outside – whether in the garden, local park or running on the streets – gives variety to training and is statistically proven to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Long-term: the above reasons are backed up by the fact that clients often stay with us for years, rather than months.

(The full testimonials video is available on the careers root page here)

To find out more about our At Home Fitness trainer package call us on 0121 439 5616.