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Personal Trainer North Birmingham

At Home Fitness Personal Trainer – North Birmingham is Joe McNicholas.  Joe offers personal training at your home in areas north of Birmingham including Boldmere, Wylde Green, Walmley, Minworth, Erdington, Castle Vale and Sutton Coldfield.

Joe offers the highly popular Six Week Promise package.  This is perfect for new starters, and comes with a money-back guarantee on results.  Check out the Six Week Promise page for details and T&Cs.

About Joe – home personal trainer North Birmingham

Joe is a fully qualified and insured level 3 Personal Trainer, with a specialist knowledge in weight loss and high-intensity fitness.  He delivers a professional and quality personal training service direct to your door.  Alternatively, he can meet you in Sutton Park or one of the other local parks in the North Birmingham area for an outdoor session.

Call on 0800 977 4154 or 07538 672258 to book your first session or just discuss your goals.

To see a full list of postcodes Joe serves, see the bottom of this page.

What you get

The Six Week Promise package starts with a full consultation to find out about you as an individual, and what your specific goals are.  This includes some basic, non-intrusive assessments that will allow Joe to establish your starting point.

He will then design a Personal Training programme tailored for you.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve fitness – or something more specific.  This will include twice weekly one-to-one fitness sessions, plus expert advice on nutrition and exercise between sessions.

As a mobile personal trainer, Joe brings all his own equipment, so all you need is comfortable training clothes.  Joe serves most of North Birmingham and south Sutton Coldfield, including Boldmere, Wylde Green, Walmley and Castle Vale.  For a full list of postcodes, see below.

Call on 0800 977 4154 or 07538 672258 to book your first session or just discuss your goals.

Style of training

Joe previously worked at the gym, but after recognising the gym isn’t for everyone, now exclusively offers personal training at people’s homes.  He delivers a personal and professional service to clients in the North Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield area, helping people who want to kick-start a health and fitness routine.

Joe is a fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer, passionate about health and fitness, and carries a natural energy which is highly motivational for his clients.  If you live in the North Birmingham area and the gym isn’t for you, Joe has everything you need to help you succeed.

For more information about Joe or the Six Week Promise, call on 0800 977 4154 or 07538 672258.


At Home Fitness has been delivering Personal Training at clients’ own homes for over 12 years.



Like all At Home Fitness Personal Trainers, Joe is fully-qualified and insured.  As well as personal fitness training, your programme will include dietary and lifestyle advice as well as exercise you can do by yourself between each home personal training session.

To book personal training or find out more call 0800 977 4154 or 07538 672258.

Personal training in B23, B24, B35, B43, B44, B72, B73, B74, B75, B76

At Home Fitness North Birmingham is an independent business and not an employee of ‘At Home Fitness Ltd’

  • Weight loss
  • Fitness improvements
Skills & Qualifications
  • Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer
One-Six Week Promise:
  • Off-Peak (9am-4pm) - £285
  • Peak (other times) - £345
  • Premium (weekends) - £345
Individual Sessions:
  • Off-Peak (9am-4pm) - £29
  • Peak (other times) - £35
  • Premium (weekends) - £35
Joint Six Week Promise:
  • Off-Peak (9am-4pm) - £385
  • Peak (other times) - £385
  • Premium (weekends) - £385
Individual Sessions:
  • Off-Peak (9am-4pm) - £25 per person
  • Peak (other times) - £25 per person
  • Premium (weekends) - £25 per person
  • North Birmingham
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Boldmere
  • Walmley
  • Wylde Green