Personal training services for children and older adults

Personal training is a great way to improve strength, fitness and general health for children and older adults under the guidance of a qualified trainer.

For those aged 16 and under, or over 60s, it is recommended to work with trainers who hold the relevant specialist qualifications to ensure that training is safe and effective.

To see whether your local trainer is qualified, click below to find your trainer or read on to learn more about personal training services.

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Children’s fitness

Personal training is available in select locations for those aged 5-16.

This is an increasingly popular way to encourage children to exercise more – and for young people themselves to take part in a more engaging style of fitness.

There are many benefits of training for young people. Working with a personal trainer provides a safe and effective introduction to fitness, and can help encourage the early adoption of healthy habits.

Because of physical and developmental differences, we require our trainers to hold relevant qualifications to work with people aged 16 and under, to ensure that exercise programmes are safe and effective.

To see whether your local trainer is qualified, look out for the Children’s fitness speciality in the top left of your trainer’s profile page, or contact us here to discuss options with one of the team.

Fitness for older adults

It has never been more important for people of all ages to embrace a fitter and healthier lifestyle.  

Our bodies experience natural changes into older age.  By being more active, eating healthily and committing to some simple lifestyle changes, you can slow down and reverse many of these changes and enjoy feeling fitter, stronger and healthier.

Having trained hundreds of people aged between 55 and 90, our team is here to help kick-start a lifestyle of health and fitness for older adults safely and effectively.

It is not essential to have a specific qualification to train older adults.  However, we recommend always getting checked by the GP first.  For those with more serious underlying medical conditions, check out our Specialist Fitness page here.

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