Exercise Classes

All of our Personal Trainers are able to offer exercise classes for work places, community groups, sports teams or other groups.  Exercise classes are a great way to get fitter and developing team spirit and friendships.  They can also provide a low-cost way for larger groups to stay fit and healthy.

We deliver exercise classes for companies in their lunch hour and teachers after school.  We have worked with community groups as part of their social outreach and helped sports teams competing in national leagues with pre-season fitness.  Our Personal Trainers with Children’s Fitness qualifications also delivered curricular and extra-curricular fitness classes for schools.

Some of the classes we deliver include:
  • Circuit Training-a variety of exercises performed one after each other in a circuit.  The exercises will challenge the hearts, lungs, muscles and even the mind!  Circuit Training is a very adaptable format that suits a mixed ability group.
  • Boxing fitness / Boxercise-a fitness class that uses many boxing techniques to promote fitness in a fun and energetic way.  Classes will involve punching, movement and hitting pads as well as boxing fitness exercises.  Suitable for all levels of fitness.
  • Spin classes-A high-intensity exercise class performed on static bicycles.
  • Aerobics-a traditional dance and movement based class, exercising in time to music to develop aerobic fitness.

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