Equipment and Training Styles

Our trainers are equipped with a diverse selection of equipment combined with a range of training styles.  The result is fun, effective and varied workouts, completely tailored to your unique goals.

New equipment becomes available all the time.  Here is a selection of our favourites, for great workouts that you can do in your home, garden or local park.



Reebok Deck

Highly versatile in its use as a step, seat, bench or jump box. For all-round strength and aerobic fitness.


Swiss ball

Bringing an added component of core conditioning and balance to almost any exercise.


Adjustable dumbbells

Almost unlimited variations of new and classic exercises to use in HIIT workouts. For strength, aerobic fitness and weight loss.

Resistance band

Resistance bands

Portable and light-weight, great for upper body strength and toning. Can be used anywhere.


Boxing gloves and pads

Fun, effective and stress-relieving. Great for high intensity aerobic fitness and weight loss.

Medicine ball

Medicine ball

Throw, catch or control. Great for core conditioning, strength, balance and as part of HIIT workouts.


Power bag

Fun and effective tool for whole body strength and aerobic fitness, great for HIIT workouts.


Body-weight & mat

Enjoy highly effective workouts using body weight alone. For strength, core conditioning and flexibility.



Versatile, unique and great for whole body strength, high intensity aerobic fitness and weight loss.

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Types of training

Fitness comes in many shapes and sizes to suit your goals.  These are the different components you might see in a training programme and why they’re great for your fitness:

Aerobic fitness

Regular aerobic training, i.e anything that gets you out of breath, helps your heart and lungs become fitter and more resilient.  As it uses a lot of energy it’s a great way to help you lose weight. Plus it is great for improving mental health and helps safeguard against illnesses like heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Aerobic Fitness
Whole body strength

Whole body strength

The physical strength of your body, including muscles, joints and bones affects both physical appearance and function.  Regular strength training contributes to weight loss and seeing more muscle definition.   Plus, it helps improve day-to-day strength, ease of movement and reduces risk of injuries in muscles, joints and back.

Core conditioning

Core conditioning (or strengthening) keeps the muscles around your spine strong.  This helps you stay safe during exercise and reduces chance of injury during day-to-day activities like gardening and housework.  Combined with other forms of training and nutritional changes it also helps with muscle definition around the waist.

core conditioning

Balance training

An often neglected form of fitness, having good balance helps build stability in the ankles and knees, improves proprioception (knowing where you are in space) and co-ordination, and reduces risk of falls.

Flexibility training

Flexibility can often deteriorate if you spend lots of time at a desk or driving and can start to cause postural issues and increase injury risk. Regular stretching helps to loosen tight muscles, helps improve circulation and is a great way to finish a training session.


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