Kettlebell Training

At Home Fitness trainers like to constantly explore new skills and disciplines, seeking to offer the latest, and best, training methods to help every client reach their goal.  Kettlebell training is a worthy addition to our armoury of fitness tools!

By exercising many muscle groups all at once, Kettlebell training is an excellent way to improve both fitness and strength.  Kettlebell training is also a highly effective method for burning fat and losing weight.

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Whilst not a method every Personal Trainer is likely to offer, Kettlebell training is not a particularly new discipline either, having been traced back to around the 1700s. Russian farmers are believed to have invented these strange looking objects as a way of weighing crops. They then started swinging these weights with handles around as a show of strength. Fast forward a few hundred years, and Kettlebell training is widely used for a high intensity, bat-burning workout for people of all abilities!

The essence of Kettlebell training is simple. The moves involve multiple muscle groups, including legs, core and upper body, all working together in harmony to create one comprehensive workout.   When numerous muscle groups work together your body is forced to work at much higher intensities, similar in principle to that of circuit training.  Challenging both muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness, Kettlebell training offers an extremely effective way to get fit and lose weight fast.

Kettlebells are also surprisingly versatile, with new moves and variations being invented all the time.  Most derive from the basic moves; the swing, the snatch, and the clean and jerk. Once you have mastered these three moves though, the exciting world of Kettlebell training is your proverbial oyster!  Kettlebells can be used either on their own in a single workout, or mixed in with other disciplines such as Boxercise, Circuit Training and core work.

Kettlebell training is an excellent way to improve strength, muscle tone, fitness levels and core strength all in one go.  It is also a great way of improving posture, and research into kettlebell training has shown it to be an effective way to improve joint mobility, muscular imbalances and back pain too.

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