Running Coaching

All our Personal Trainers undergo training in developing running technique.  They can help you develop a more fluid, efficient running technique and help you build up your running sensibly.  We also use our Personal Training knowledge to address imbalances in body strength that will increase the risk of injury.

In six weeks we have taken customers from managing just a few yards to jogging a whole 5km.  We have also helped many customers prepare for fun runs and races from 5km through to full marathons.

Most of our Personal Trainers are regular runners and between them have won multiple races from 5km road races to trail races and county athletics titles to Highland Games Fell Races.  We share our knowledge and if you are looking for an intermediate to advanced programme you can rest assured our team of trainers will be sharing the knowledge which has helped us win races to help you meet your targets.

We can help anyone from complete beginner to experienced runner prepare for anything from a 5km Fun Run to a full marathon. If you want running coaching to develop your technique, push you harder or ensure a balanced training programme we can help. Costs are the same as Personal Training sessions unless you are looking for a very in-depth training programme, in which case call us on 0800 977 4154 for an individual quote.

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If you want to see what we can do for you, just call us on 0800 977 4154 or contact us here.