Specialist fitness. Exercise programmes for specific needs.

You can benefit from specialist training that will support you to achieve your unique goals.

Specialist fitness covers exercise during pregnancy, medical referral, lower back care and sports specific training.

Working with a trainer with specialist knowledge and qualifications is important to ensure you can train safely and effectively.

Exercise for pregnancy

Medical referral

Lower back care

Sports and events training

Exercise during pregnancy

Pregnancy training

Exercising during and after pregnancy can bring many benefits for both mother and baby.

Pregnancy can lead to common challenges such as backache, loss of core strength and depression.  Many symptoms can be reduced or prevented through a tailored exercise programme, helping you feel fitter, stronger and healthier during and after pregnancy.

Ensuring your baby’s health during pregnancy is the topmost priority.  A correctly tailored programme will ensure that exercises you do are safe for your baby in the short-term, and that promote long-term health for you both.

Many mums want to get back into shape more quickly after childbirth.  By working with a fitness professional qualified in Pregnancy Training, you can be guided through a safe and effective programme that fits around your new routine – so you can bounce back more quickly to looking and feeling great.

To find out whether your local trainer is qualified, look out for the Pregnancy Training qualification on your trainer’s profile.

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition – such as diabetes, high
blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, or even depression – your GP may make an exercise referral as a way of improving your health.

Working with a fitness professional who specialises in this area will ensure that
training is appropriate to your medical needs and starting level of fitness. You’ll then get a tailored programme that helps to boost your health and fitness, under guidance from your GP.

To find out whether your local trainer is qualified, you can use our location search – just look out for the GP referral qualification on their profile page.

Medical referral

Medical referral image

Lower back care

Lower back care image

Two levels of back care and rehabilitation are available for those who want to start a fitness programme to manage or reduce symptoms.

For those with non-chronic conditions, back pain and tightness can often be reduced or even eliminated through an all-round strength and flexibility programme that addresses imbalances and strengthens weaker areas.

If you are suffering from a chronic or more serious back condition, working with a trainer qualified in level 4 Back Care and Rehabilitation may help to manage or reduce symptoms.

Taking guidance from your GP or consultant, a back care-qualified trainer will work with you via a programme that considers exercise, nutritional and lifestyle factors to help you get fitter and manage or reduce pain.

As back problems are often complex, our first priority is to ensure that no harm is done.  Therefore in some cases, we may not be able to offer care if we believe that trainers are under-qualified or not suited to help you in your specific situation.

To find out if your local trainer is qualified in level 4 Back Care, look for the relevant qualification on your trainer’s profile by using our location search.

Whether you want to boost performance in your sport, train for an event or gain entrance to the police or armed forces, you can transform your fitness through a uniquely tailored exercise programme.

Sports specific programmes are made to help you excel in your sport or event.  This can be done by working on speed, strength, endurance, flexibility or agility.  Whatever your unique needs your trainer will help you work on the areas that matter most to help you succeed.

We have worked with individual sports people and teams from international level athletes down to committed club players wanting to develop their fitness. 

Look out for the sports specific training speciality in your trainer’s profile, or contact us here to discuss with one of the head team.

We’ve worked with individuals and teams for the following sports and tests:

  • Swimming
  • Football           
  • Running (up to marathon level) 
  • Skiing
  • Hockey           
  • Bobsleigh
  • Judo                
  • Police selection 
  • Armed Forces selection   

Sports or event specific training

Specialist training