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Jay Rainford-Nash – Personal Trainer Sutton, Surrey


Personal Trainer Sutton (Surrey)

At Home Fitness Personal Trainer in Sutton, Surrey is Jay Rainford-Nash. For a health, fitness and weight loss programme brought to you.  Coming to your home in Sutton, Cheam, Chipstead, Banstead and the surrounding areas.


NEW:  Online, interactive personal training over video

The At Home Fitness team has paused home visits during the COVID-19 lock-down in order to prevent any further spread.

To help you get fit, keep healthy and feel great from home we are now offering  At Home Fitness Live: our NEW online personal training service over video calls.

*HALF PRICE* offer – available during April only.  Click here to book your FREE taster session.

We hope we can continue to work with as many people as possible during lock-down and inspire fitter, healthier and happier lives now more than ever.



Do you want to make positive changes but struggle to find the time, means or motivation?  Jay brings the workout directly to your home in Sutton and the surrounding areas of Surrey. 

At Home Fitness and our dedicated team of personal trainers take the hassle out of training, helping you get fit, keep healthy and feel great.

  • Get fit – enjoy looking and feeling fitter and stronger with focussed one-to-one workouts delivered to your door
  • Keep healthy – lose weight, reduce physical pain and feel happier about your body through a holistic approach that lasts
  • Feel great – sleep better, feel more energised throughout the day and improve your confidence with an exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan that works for you.

At Home Fitness personal training

Jay offers the Six Week Promise.  The perfect kick-start to your fitness, with a money-back guarantee on results (see T&Cs for more info).  Covering Sutton, Cheam, Chipstead, Banstead and the surrounding areas of Surrey.  Call on 0800 977 4154 for more info.

About Jay – personal trainer Sutton (Surrey)

Over a six-year long career, Jay has helped 100+ people break the bad habits and get on the road to losing weight, getting fit and feeling better in a way that lasts.

He brings his premium service directly to your home in Sutton and the surrounding areas of Surrey for a personal training service centred around you and your goals.  You’ll benefit from:

  • Initial consultationa chance for Jay to find out all about you
  • Fun and effective fitness sessions – delivered to your home or other nearby location
  • Health, fitness and weight management planfully tailored and holistic plan with your goals and current lifestyle in mind
  • Regular health and fitness assessments – to help you measure your progress in all aspects of your health and fitness
  • Improve cardio fitness and strengthenjoy feeling fitter and stronger
  • Expert advicecovering nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep
  • All fitness equipment brought to youall you need is a living room, kitchen, garden or local park.

Jay is part of an inter-connected team of personal trainers across the UK.  With constant support and networking opportunities, Jay and the rest of the team use the most up-to-date research to ensure you get the very best training to succeed in your goals.

At Home Fitness - personal training at your home

Try the Six Week Promise package for the perfect way to kick-start your training, with a guarantee on results.  Call on 0800 977 4154 for more info.

At Home Fitness Personal Training – how it works

As part of the Six Week Promise, Jay uses a tried and tested 5-step formula to help you see success that lasts a lifetime.  Here’s how it works.

STEP ONE:  Initial meeting

Effective, lasting results come from understanding how all the factors work together.  In this important first session, Jay will get to know you, understand what results you’d really like to see, and some context to get a clear picture.

You’ll also be taken through some straight-forward assessments to help measure your progress.

STEP TWO: Your personalised plan

Next, armed with all the relevant information, Jay will work with you to come up with an exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan that is effective, realistic and sustainable.  Through his expert guidance on food, drink, exercise, sleep and more, you’ll have everything you need to make simple changes that make a big difference.

STEP THREE:  Your fitness sessions

Alongside the overall plan, Jay will lead you through fun, evolving twice-weekly fitness sessions tailored to you.  He’ll record your progress as you go so you know how much you’ve improved.

STEP FOUR:  Your re-focus sessions

Jay is committed to helping you see continual results.  Unlike most personal trainers, At Home Fitness re-focus sessions provide a way to make sure you’re continually getting the most out of your training.

STEP FIVE:  On-going support

Dedicated to building good, impactful relationships, Jay will be there to keep the conversation going and inform, support and motivate you for as long as you want to stay.

At Home Fitness - in your home, garden or local park

The Six Week Promise package is the perfect way to kick-start your fitness, and comes with a money-back guarantee on results (click here for our reasonable T&Cs).  Call on 0800 977 4154 for more info.

Bio – Jay Rainford-Nash

Jay’s passion is helping people make sustainable changes that lead to a more enjoyable, better quality of life.

His career as a personal trainer and diabetes educator has led Jay to appreciate just how powerful changes in nutrition and lifestyle can be in improving quality of life.

With experiences in helping people one-to-one, as well as addressing large audiences, Jay has learnt to communicate his knowledge in a way that makes sense and inspires change.

As well as his passion for health and fitness, Jay has practised Kung Fu, plays guitar, appreciates good architecture and loves a good chat about business.

For more information about Jay or the Six Week Promise package, call on 0800 977 4154.


At Home Fitness Personal Training.  Get Fit, Keep Healthy, Feel Great.

  • Tailored & holistic Personal Training
  • Diabetes Management & Nutrition
Skills & Qualifications
  • Level 3 Personal Training Qualification
One-Six Week Promise:
  • Off-Peak (9am-4pm) - £449
  • Peak (other times) - £449
  • Premium (weekends) - £449
Individual Sessions:
  • Off-Peak (9am-4pm) - £45
  • Peak (other times) - £45
  • Premium (weekends) - £45
Joint Six Week Promise:
  • Off-Peak (9am-4pm) - £549
  • Peak (other times) - £549
  • Premium (weekends) - £549
Individual Sessions:
  • Off-Peak (9am-4pm) - £30 per person
  • Peak (other times) - £30 pp
  • Premium (weekends) - £30 pp
  • Sutton, Surrey
  • Cheam
  • Chipstead
  • Banstead