We are here to positively impact people’s lives through the power of health and fitness.

At Home Fitness is personal training with a difference.  We bring great home workouts, a wealth of knowledge and everything you need straight to you.

Built on relationships of trust and support, our clients go on guided health and fitness journeys to make transformational changes that last a lifetime.

Come and join our community of healthier, happier people, where you’ll be empowered to get fit, be healthy and feel great.

Our values


Health and fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll get a plan that’s clear and easy to follow, taking away the hassle and ensuring you enjoy great results.


Everyone is different. Programmes are made to fit based on carefully understanding your goals and context, so you can get to where you want via a path that works best for you.


You’ll feel inspired to take action, so that you can experience looking and feeling great with renewed energy and confidence.

Want to kick-start your health and fitness journey?

Meet the team

Adam 2

Adam Coley

Hi, I’m Adam, co-Director of At Home Fitness. My health and fitness journey actually began in a gym, through a mixture of body-building and competitive kickboxing. Soon after qualifying as a personal trainer I discovered the value and impact of taking my expertise ‘to the people’. I have since dedicated tens of thousands of hours to helping people get fit and healthy from home.

My passion is helping people enjoy feeling fitter, healthier and happier through a simple and holistic approach. With so much misinformation, I consider it my job to cut through the confusion and make a lifestyle of health and fitness straight-forward!

I still work with a number of clients whom I’ve trained for over 10 years. But my main focus is using my experience to help other trainers. I love getting alongside fitness professionals who want to make a difference and help them transform their skills and passion into a successful career.

Hyde Phillips

I’m Hyde, and I’ve been a personal trainer in people’s homes for over 14 years. I am passionate about seeing people enjoy fitter, healthier and more fulfilled lives, and have proudly dedicated my entire adult career to it.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science but discovered my real passion was fitness (and, it turns out, not computers). Since being a trainer, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients aged between 10 and 85, and with a diverse range of goals, personalities and backgrounds.

I love empowering people to live out their best, and I am now committed to supporting great trainers across the country realise their own successful careers in fitness. Ultimately, my vision is to make a positive difference to as many people as possible throughout the UK (and beyond) through the power of health and fitness.

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